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Over 500 Resources For Sports and Entertainment--This is an instant download product that you can access and save to your files for reading at any time!

53-, 450___Police Exam Preparation Book, Norman Hall, 256 pgs, CP $16.50

57-,451___Fire-Fighter's Exam Preparation Book, Norman Hall, 312 pgs, CP $16.50

261-,261+++Hong Kong Trade Directory, names/addresses of manufacturers and suppliers $19.00

262-,4055+++Orient Trade Directory $19.00

271-,0100+++Mexico Trade Directory $19.00

361-,4053___Trade Directories and Wholesale Sources - CD $ 33.50

420-,420___Wholesale Book Sources and Moneymaking Book-selling ideas, Lee Howard$19.00

436-,9018___Making Money with Classified Ads, 8.5" X 11", 240 pgs, CP, Melvin Powers$ 24.00

437-,437___This is an excellent book for beginners as well as pros. How to Get Rich in Mail Order, photo illustrated, Melvin Powers, CP$ 24.00

443-,1319_L___1001 Things You Can Get Free, Jetco, CP$ 8.00

445-,445_L___Book Dealers Drop-ship Directory, publishers who drop-ship$ 19.00

464-,1174_L___Successful Slots Systems$ 12.00

468-,1728+++Taiwan Trade Directory$ 19.00

469-,1791___Philippine Trade Directory$ 19.00

470-,1405+++ USA Wholesale Source Directory$ 19.00

503-, 4054___Closeout Directory$ 19.00

623-, 3975___Business Success Series "25 Profit Making Reports" Includes full reproduction rights with certificate of authorization for resale of reprint rights. (Promotional material is included.) CD-Rom. $53.00

805-, 1061_K___ 50 Home Businesses for People over 50 - (includes disk) $22.00

822-, 4403___The Basic Guide To Selling Arts & Crafts, J. Dillehay, 224 pgs, CP $18.00

823-, 1059_K___Financial Calculators - Performs various financial calculations (includes disk) $15.50

906,- 1002+++K__Do-It-Yourself No-Fault Divorce Kit, CP (incl diskette) $38.50

907,-1004+++K__Do-It-Yourself Bankruptcy Kit, CP (on disk only. Must have computer) $38.50

908,- 1006+++K__Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kit, CP (includes diskette) $33.50

910,- 1007_K___Living Trust Agreement Kit, CP (includes diskette) $21.50

911- 1010_K___Living Will Kit, CP (includes diskette) $15.50

921,- 9003_L___How To Travel For Free In A New Luxury Home Motor Home And Earn $30,000 to $50,000 A Year, J. Lindsay $15.50

922,-9005+++How To Trace HUD/FHA Mortgage Insurance Refunds $19.00

924,- 1015_K___Premarital Agreement Kit, CP (includes diskette) $21.50

925,- 1016_K___Tenant Legal Rights Kit, CP $21.50

926,- 1020_K___Credit Repair Kit, CP (includes diskette) $15.50

928,- 1012_K___Home Sale Kit, CP $15.50

930,- 1009_K___Lease Agreement Kit, CP (includes diskette) $18.50

931,-1028+++K__Complete Estate Planning Kit, CP (includes diskette) $38.50

932,- 1013_K___Probate Kit, CP $22.50

933,- 1036_K___Business Plan Kit For Windows, CP, (includes diskette) $33.50

934,- 1029_K___Limited Liability Company Kit, CP, (includes diskette) $33.50

935,- 1008_K___Partnership Agreement Kit, CP, (includes diskette) $22.50

937,- 1005_K___Power of Attorney Kit, CP, (includes diskette) $22.50

938,- 1030_K___Small Claims Court Kit, CP $15.50

939,- 1034_K___Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit, CP, (incl diskette) $33.50

941,- 1038+++ K__Make Money With Informational Reports $33.50

942,- 1014_K___Resume and Cover Letters Kit, CP, (includes diskette) $15.50

943,- 1057_K___Make Money With Government Auctions (on diskette) $22.50

1001,-4056___No More Cold Calls, Jeffrey Lant, 671 pages, CP $43.50

1004,- 4037+++_Cash Copy, CP, Dr. J. Lant, CP $39.00

1006,- 1056+++K_Internet Detective Kit (on diskette ) $22.50

1007,-1054_K___Debt Collection Kit (includes diskette) $22.50

1008,- 1052_K___Quick Claim & Warranty Deed Kit $18.00

1754,- 1754___The Consultant's Kit, Dr. Jeffrey Lant -- Third Edition, CP $39.00

1785,-1785___How To Make At Least $100,000 Every Year as a Successful Consultant, Lant, CP $39.00

1787,- 4407___Web Wealth, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, 238 pgs, CP If the Internet is still a puzzle to you or you are not satisfied with the results of your home page, you really need to read this book. $28.50

1793,- 1793___Money-Making Marketing, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CP $39.00

1798,- 4041___E-Mail El Dorado, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CP $33.50

1830,- 1830___Conversation Made Easy, Elliot Russell CP $8.50

1835,- 1835___Increase Your Learning Power, G. Dudley, CP $8.50

1941,- 1941___Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, Harry Blackstone, CP $10.50

1989,- 1989___New Self-Hypnosis, Paul Adams, CP $14.00

2084,-2084___How to Develop a Winning Personality, M. Panzer, CP $10.50

2105,-2105+++__Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill, CP $16.00

2106,- 2106___Three Magic Words, U. S. Anderson, CP $19.00

3952,-3952___82 BUSINESS REPORTS AND MANUALS (see this link for more info) R Purchase of the 82 Business reports includes full reproduction rights with certificate of authorization and right to resell reprint rights CD-Rom or diskette (your choice) $99.95

4014,-4014___How You Can Make a Fortune Selling Information by Mail, von Hoelscher $24.00

4126,-9006+++_The Home Employment & Income Opportunity Directory, Jay Lindsay $19.95

4129,-4040___How to Make a Whole Lot More Than $1,000,000, Writing, Commissioning, Publishing and Selling "How to" information, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, 552 pgs, CP $43.50

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