Indian Recipes

India has an interesting set of recipes. It has rich spices that make a variety of appealing food. But due to the varied kinds of curries and spices, Indian recipes seem pretty confusing to many people. But once you become familiar with the different cultures, you will find the Indian dishes exotic.

Most of the Indian recipes exclude pork and beef owing to religious restrictions. For Hindus, cows are holy and Muslims are restrained from having pork. Nevertheless, the blending of different spices and flavours make Indian cuisines very tasty. Often, they are cooked under low flame.

Colourful Spices: Despite the cultural differences, spices form the main ingredient of Indian food. They also believe that the spices have the power of healing. Its sources are plants¡¦ roots, buds, seeds, fruits etc and when heated, a distinct smell separates one from the other. Indian cuisines often include sweet elements as well as pungent, tangy, hot and amalgamating spices. Herbs also play an important role in the Indian food.

Indian Food: People in the Northern part of India take more of rich and heavy dishes. They are into creams and ghee, breads, meats and less spice. While those in South India take rice-based food with soupy curries. They use more spice in their cooking. The difference mainly lies with the kind of weather they are living in. North India has a weather of extremes, whether summer or winter while South India remains hot all through the seasons.

The rich variety of food habits in India is something worth trying. Each culture, each place having a speciality of its own is a beautiful thing. Check them out and enjoy the differences of eating.

Desserts are of varieties. Rice and milk puddings or vegetables and fruits dipped in sweet syrups are great Indian desserts. Indian sweets are of tasty flavours as well.

Dieting factor: When on a diet, go for the kind of food that has lesser contents of calorie and oil as most of the Indian recipes include frying. The following recipes will do no harm to your dieting regime.

„X A good non-stick pan is of good use when you want to seal meat before cooking. Also use a spray bottle of vegetable oil.

„X You can use plain yoghurt instead of cream and replace coconut with some other flavour of your liking.

„X Tandoori has low calorie so you can relish the tasty dish while you stick to your dieting plan. Marinade fish, chicken or prawns depending on your taste in a mixture of elements like plain yoghurt, ground turmeric, coriander, cumin, crushed garlic, ginger and a few pinches of chilli powder for about an hour. Then grill under medium heat and serve with salad.

„X Fish or chicken curries are often cooked with spices and water or tomatoes and will not spoil your diet but when frying onions, lessen the use of oil.

„X Vegetables cooked the Indian way are a perfect way of maintaining a good diet (and health).

„X It is also a great idea to make paneer or tofu the tandoori style.

On the whole, when you, when you maintain a perfect balance with your eating habits, it¡¦s not hard to have a healthy body. There are also a large number of recipes you can choose from, to make your daily intake of food a savouring moment. Relish the varieties of recipes, also learn to enjoy different kinds of cuisines and stick to the healthiest recipes.

Indian Recipes!